Requirements for prospective mentors:

– Mentors must be living in Korea when their student is attending college (typically three years).

– Mentors must have strong Korean language proficiency (if mentors are a married couple, at least one of them must be fluent in Korean).

– Mentors must demonstrate a healthy lifestyle that will be an example to the child they will take care of. Mentors must not be prone to any addictions such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Mentors must also not be in serious debt or have spending issues.

– Mentors must be faithful attending members of a Christian church.

– Mentors must complete a written application and be approved by the program’s leaders.

– Mentors must receive training session by the program’s leaders before beginning. The training session is typically in the beginning of February. and then orientation for the new students is at the end of February.

Responsibilities of mentors:

– Mentors will be faithful in calling their student once a week to check in on how their student is doing and to develop a relationship with them.

– Mentors will be faithful in meeting with their student at least once a month.

– Mentors will be available to their student via phone calls or e-mail. Boundaries between the mentor and student will be taught at the training session.

– Mentors will prioritize the quarterly meetings when all the students and mentors gather for special teaching and special bonding activities.

– Mentors will be faithful in praying for their student.

– Mentors will complete brief online journal entries after each monthly visit with their student to keep records of what they speak about together and to keep the ministry leaders updated with the status of their student.
If you are interested in serving, please contact us.