John-Michael Becker / Staff

John-Michael moved to Korea at the end of 2005 to serve at Geon Christian Children’s Home. He founded Jerusalem Ministry, an orphanage volunteering ministry, in May 2006. John-Michael continues to volunteer at Geon Home while also serving as the Director of Jerusalem Ministry.

Sky Becker / Staff

Sky grew up in Korea until she was thirteen before moving with her family to America. She attended Virginia Tech and worked as a graphic designer after graduating. In 2010 she returned to Korea and a year later she married John-Michael. She currently serves as the Media Director for Jerusalem Ministry.

Jee Lee / Mentor & Staff

Jee grew up in Korea until she was ten before moving with her family to America. She attended the University of Virginia and then worked as an elementary school teacher. In 2008 she returned to Korea to serve as a summer volunteer for Jerusalem Ministry. Through her experience her heart was stirred to return to Korea as a full time volunteer later that year at Myeong Jin Children’s Home, where she continues to serve today. Jee also serves as the Public Relations Director for Jerusalem Ministry.

Mijeong Song / Staff

Mijeong was born and raised in South Korea. She attended the University of Ajou and worked as a teacher after graduating. In 2007 she began volunteering part time as a teacher at Zion Girl’s Home in Seoul. She eventually quit her paying job and became a full time volunteer at the home in 2011, where she continues to serve today. Mijeong also serves as the Treasurer for Jerusalem Ministry.

Daisy Kim / Mentor

Daisy was born in Seoul and grew up in the States. She studied Accounting at New York University. She currently works in the finance department of Seoul Foreign School.

Byung Yoon Kim & Ja Yeon Ko / Mentor

Byung Yoon was born and raised in Korea and currently works at SK. Ja Yeon was also born and raised in Korea and is currently studying Korean Literature at Inha University to achieve a doctoral degree. She is also working as a part time professor at Inha University.

Gina Kim / Mentor

Gina was born and raise in South Korea. She majored in English literature and also studied leadership and theology at Hill Song International Leadership College. After six years of living and studying in Sydney, she returned to Korea in 2011. Gina currently teaches English to adult students.

Rahyun Ha / Mentor

Rahyun was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. She double majored in Korean literature and psychology at Ewha Women’s University. She continued her education at Ewha and got her masters in Korean Education. Currently, she works in the personnel department of a distribution company with her focus being in the areas of staff development and retirement plans.

Wendy Kim / Mentor

Wendy was born in Seoul and raised in California. She majored in Business Administration at UC Riverside. She currently works in finance and leads an orphanage ministry team at NHM.

Joohyun Shin / Mentor

Joohyun was born and raised in Korea. She lived in America for 6 years when she was a child. She attended Ewha Womans University where she pursued her Master’s degree as well. She is now working as an English teacher at Ewha Womans University High School. She met and married her husband, Larry, at church and recently had baby Jonathan.

Hyesook Baek / Mentor

Hyesook was born and raised in South Korea. She graduated from Seoul University of Foreign Studies with MA in Korean-English Interpretation. She currently works at GM Korea as an interpreter.

Young Ko / Mentor

Young was born in South Korea and immigrated to the USA at the age of ten. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an Architecture degree. Currently, he works at an architecture/engineering firm. He enjoys biking, hiking, playing sports, and spending time with his wife, Grace and his son, Judah.

Hyoju Park / Mentor

Hyoju was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. She double majored in law and international relations at Catholic University. She is currently studying for the civil service exam.

Christie Jung / Mentor

Seungyon Christie Jung grew up in Korea until she was 15 then moved to California. She attended Maryland Institute, College of Art in Maryland and returned to Korea in 2010. Since then, she is working as an English teacher in Korea.

Brian Kim / Mentor

Brian Kim was born in the States, but his family moved back to Korea a few months later and he grew up in Korea. He attended Yonsei University studying electrical engineering. He’s now working at a trading company dealing with metals such as copper and aluminum for electric cable making.

Hannah Kwak / Mentor

Hannah was born in Korea and moved to the States at the age of 14. She studied Business Management at Purdue University. Currently, Hannah is a mother to two sons.

Harry / Mentor

Harry was born in Seoul and moved to New Zealand at age 16. He studied Film directing at University of Aukland and worked at NC Soft Game company for 13 years. Currently, he started a mobile game startup business.

Joel Kim / Mentor

Joel was born and raised in Gangwon province in South Korea. He majored in Pedagogy at Korea National University. He served as a teacher for 2 years and is now working at Korean Air.

Jensen Yap / Mentor

Jensen was born and raised in Malaysia. He majored in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Yonsei University. He currently works as a Data Engineer at a startup company in Gangnam.

Shinyoung Park / Mentor

Shingyoung was born and raised in Korea. After graduating in 2008, she worked at Unesco Korea for two years. In 2011, she completed a masters program in University of Pennsylvania. In 2013, She returned to Korea and is currently working at KOFIH.

Janice / Mentor

Janice was born in Korea and moved to the States at age 15. After graduating from Washington University, she studied education at Torch Trinity Seminary. Currently she works at Global Vision Christian School.

Yu Jin Park / Mentor

Yu Jin was born and raised in Korea. She graduated from Han Dong University. Currently, she is studying Pastoral Theology at Torch Trinity Seminary.

Young Kim / Mentor

Young was born and raised in Korea. He majored in Electrical Engineering at Rice University.

Peter Cho / Mentor

Peter was born and raised in Seoul. He majored in Biochemistry at Yeonsei University and graduated from Yeonsei Medical School. Currently, he serves as a public health center doctor.

Joseph Rhee / Mentor

Joseph was born in Seoul and spent over 30 years in the UK but recently returned living in Gwangju. He dabbles in advertising marketing communications having numerous multinational clients like Samsung, Hyundai, Kia. He now focuses on Kingdom Business while providing corporate consulting and coaching including speaking engagements. Joseph read anthropology and geography at University College London, has a diploma in law at the College of Law, UK, and an Advanced Executive Program at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Luna & So Myoung / Mentor

Luna was born and raised in Seoul. She studied International Management and Commerce at Soongsil University. She currently works as a consultant in a English curriculum company.

Somyoung was born in Korea but spent his early childhood in England. He studied Visual Design in Handong University and worked as a designer. He currently works as the lead/videography designer at a magazine company for young fathers.

Emil Bredahl & Yu-Min Seo / Mentor

Emil was born and raised in Denmark and came to Korea as a volunteer. He majored in Theology at Hansei University and achieved Masters in Divinity at Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission. He currently works as a translator for the major broadcasting companies in Korea with his wife Yu-min.

Yu-Min was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. She majored in Philosophy and English Literature at Hanyang University and achieved Masters in Divinity at Youngsan Theological University. She currently serves as a pastor at N.E.W.S Church.

Joe & Minji / Mentor

Joe was born in Seoul, but moved to Chicagoland at the age of seven. He studied Education and History and Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Joe currently works as the worship pastor at New Harvest Ministry.

Minji grew up in Korea until she was 15. She continued her education in South Africa and Canada. She studied Statistics at University of Toronto. She now works as an English instructor and a researcher in an engineering lab at Hanyang University.