Our Mission

Our Mission

Abuse, abandonment, poverty, and neglect leave thousands of children orphaned in Korea. Once these children turn 18, they must move out of the government subsidized orphanages and live on their own, alone.

Once on their own, many experience depression, suicidal thoughts, and are vulnerable to entering the sex industry. For most, safe employment and higher education remain out of reach. Without an advocate, there is little hope.

1. To provide true orphans with a scholarship to help them through college.

Orphans who get into college in Korea must pay for their tuition and all their living expenses, so they are forced to get part time and even full time jobs while studying in order to survive. The long work hours along with attending classes often leads students getting poor grades, with many often quitting from exhaustion.

Oak Tree Project provides 500,000won (~$500) a month for the students to provide for their living expenses. Students are not allowed to work during their semesters but instead focus on their studies. This then enables the students to get high enough grades to receive scholarships for their tuition.

2. To provide mentoring for the recipients

More important than the money, the students are in great need for emotional support and guidance for their lives due to their lack of family. Each student is paired with a mentor who is committed to the student until he/she graduates. Mentors call the students weekly and meet up with the student once a month. As students have progressed in the program they have expressed that they appreciate their mentor much more than the money.

Join Oak Tree project in this valuable and lifesaving work.