Serving orphaned youth in Korea as they transition into adulthood.

Abuse, abandonment, and poverty
leave thousands of children orphaned in Korea.

At 18, they're forced out of orphanages and left to make it on their own, with little support and few options. Without family and without a support network, many of them fall into depression, debt, and different traps of society. Aged out orphans are easy prey for sex traffickers, cults, and gangs. For those who manage to get into college many of them struggle with debt and drop out due to the tuition and living expenses.

Oak Tree Project aids Korean orphans in college by providing a committed mentor, family atmosphere, and financial support. Our greatest goal is to provide loving care for these students and help them succeed in life.

Oak Tree Project is a scholarship and mentoring program for the orphans of South Korea. The staff of Oak Tree Project began serving in different orphanages in 2006. The need for a program for kids leaving the orphanage became clear to them and in 2013 they were able to begin the program with four students. Since then, forty-two students have graduated from college with seven more expected to graduate this year.

What is Oak Tree Project?

Our Programs

Scholarship Program

Each student receives $500 a month to cover living expenses. With finances provided, students are able to dedicate time to their studies. This allows them to earn high grades and scholarships for tuition.

Mentorship Program

Students without family are in great need of emotional support and guidance. Each student is paired with a caring mentor who is committed to the student until he/she graduates. Mentors call the students weekly and see them monthly.

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