Feedback from our Graduates

From our graduates in 2019...

- One four year student expressed that without OTP (Oak Tree Project) he wouldn't be where he is today (he graduated near the top of his class and is now working in a research center). He also expressed that he would like to become a mentor with us in the future.

- Another four year student expressed that OTP was an answer to her prayers because she had a lot of fear of lack of money and also of being alone after graduating from high school. College wasn't easy for her but she was thankful that Oak Tree Project was a consistent source of love for her.

- Another student who was with us for her last two years of college expressed that through OTP she could feel God taking care of her relationally and financially. She loved the one on one meetings with her mentor and the close attention that she received. She shared her past two years were unforgettable and a big gift from God. She expressed she strongly desires to become a mentor with us in the near future.

- Another four year student expressed that OTP was unique to him because during our large gatherings we would have such a fun time despite never serving alcohol (Korea is #1 in the world in consumption of hard liquor and drinking alcohol is a part of almost every club/school gathering). He expressed that he appreciates and respects the staff a lot and has wondered over the years what motivates us to go to such extents for the students. This student isn't a believer but he expressed that if it really is God working in us that he wonders if God could do the same in him. He shared that he enjoyed OTP a lot.

- The other three students each expressed their appreciation for OTP and felt that the rules OTP enforces were all reasonable and not as stringent as some of the other programs they had been a part of. They all expressed a desire to connect more with the other OTP students and shared that our large gatherings were very comfortable because the mentors were so loving and the students could put their guard down knowing that everyone there was orphans and they wouldn't be judged for their background.

- Two of our graduates had applied for the program but had been cut due to being late for the interview and interviewing poorly. They both studied and worked through their first year and then applied to our program again, this time showing up on time and having a much better attitude. Both were accepted and they did well with us. Neither were upset they weren't accepted the first time but instead learned from their mistakes and were even more grateful than some of our other students since they had experienced a year on their own without OTP.

From our graduates in 2018...

- Many of the students shared (in written reflections) that they felt safe with their mentor and with Oak Tree Project to be vulnerable and open up and still be accepted and loved.

- Some of the students shared that they feel the closest to their mentors than anyone else. For some of them the first person they want to contact is their mentor, before friends or even siblings.

- One of our students shared that she almost quit school because it was so difficult but thanks to the program and her mentor she was able to learn how to pray, endure, and finish well.

- Another student shared if she hadn’t been on our project she would have likely gone far away from God and gotten with the wrong people. Through Oak Tree Project she has been able to learn about and experience God’s love.

- One student shared that when she visits her children’s home where she grew up she feels like an orphan. But when she attends Oak Tree Project gatherings she feels like family.

- A number of the students expressed how they’ve grown with God through Oak Tree Project or shared their interest in learning more about the Gospel, about how to forgive, and other important spiritual topics. This shows that a hunger is growing in a lot of our students.